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The story of three disciples: #3 Veda

May 26, 2010


Áyodha Dhaumya had another disciple, Veda, who remained with his Guru and toiled like an ox under harsh conditions for a long time. Veda often forsook food and comfort to take care of his Guru’s needs. Finally, Veda completed his studies with his teacher’s blessings and returned home. * * * The story about the […]

The story of three disciples: #1 Uddalaka Aruni

May 19, 2010


Once there lived a sage by the name Áyodha Dhaumya, who had three disciples – Áruni from the country of Panchala, Upamanyu and Veda. One day, Dhaumya ordered Áruni to stop a breach in the waterway in acertain field, and the disciple obliged. But Áruni did not return for a while. The teacher, wondering about […]