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Quote: The greatness of Bharata

July 8, 2010


"Everything related to the four Purusharthas of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha, that is found in the epic can also be found elsewhere. But what is not here is nowhere else"

Quote: The nature of Time

May 31, 2010


यद इदं दृश्यते किंचिद भूतं स्थावर जङ्गमम पुनः संक्षिप्यते सर्वं जगत प्राप्ते युग क्षये yad idam drushyatey kinchid bhutam sthAvara jangamam punah sankshipyatey sarvam jagat prAptey yuga kshaye yad – whatever, idam – thus, drushyate – seen, kinchid – anything, bhutam – being, sthavara-immobile, jangama-mobile, punah – again, sankshipta – reduced, sarvam – all, jagat-world, […]

The story of three disciples: #3 Veda

May 26, 2010


Áyodha Dhaumya had another disciple, Veda, who remained with his Guru and toiled like an ox under harsh conditions for a long time. Veda often forsook food and comfort to take care of his Guru’s needs. Finally, Veda completed his studies with his teacher’s blessings and returned home. * * * The story about the […]

Time: Part 3 – The Manvantara, Para and Paraardha

April 22, 2010


The concept of Manvantara, while not mentioned in Mahabharata, is discussed by all 18 Puranas. Each daytime of Brahma (1 Kalpa) is divided into 14 Manvantaras. Each Manvantara has it’s own Manu, whose life spans the duration of the Manvantara. Thus 1 Kalpa = 14 Manvantaras = 1000 Chatur Yugas So, 1 MANVANTARA = ~71.4  […]

Time: Part 1 – The Chatur Yuga

April 17, 2010


The scriptures, including Ithihasas and Puranas, quote that Time is without beginning or end; and that the cycle of creation and destruction is perpetual. One can find analytical as well as descriptive details on the subject spread across various chapters in Mahabharata. For example, Markhandeya rishi (Vana Parva: when Yudhishtira meets with him) and Bhishma […]

The death of Arjuna – at the hands of Babhruvahana

March 29, 2010


Arjuna is slain by his son Babhruvahana, who was born out of the Pandava's marriage to Chitrangada, the princess of Manipur. (Mbh 1.218) Long after the battle of Kurukshetra, Yudhishtira decides to conduct the Aswamedha Yaga. The yaga horse enters the dominion of Manipur, where Arjuna challenges their King Babruvahana for a fight...

The death of Arjuna

March 27, 2010


Most of us know of Arjuna‘s demise at the end of Mahabharata (Parva 18: Svargaarohana Parva) as the Pandavas climbed the Himalayas. But there is another instance in the Bharata where Arjuna dies. Can you guess when & how? No, this is not the incident at the enchanted pool where Yudhistira comes to the rescue […]