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Pandavas receive the gift of Akshaya Patra

July 18, 2010


When Pandavas marched towards the forest to serve the next thirteen years in exile, a lot of Brahmanas followed them. The entourage stopped at the banks of River Ganges to spend the night...

The story of three disciples: #3 Veda

May 26, 2010


Áyodha Dhaumya had another disciple, Veda, who remained with his Guru and toiled like an ox under harsh conditions for a long time. Veda often forsook food and comfort to take care of his Guru’s needs. Finally, Veda completed his studies with his teacher’s blessings and returned home. * * * The story about the […]

The story of three disciples: #2 Upamanyu

May 21, 2010


Dhaumya once gave his other disciple Upamanyu the responsibility of herding cows. From then Upamanyu would herd the cows during the day and return in the evening to pay his respects. One day, Dhaumya asked him, “Dear child, I see that you are very plump (after undertaking day-long activity outdoors). By what means do you […]

The story of three disciples: #1 Uddalaka Aruni

May 19, 2010


Once there lived a sage by the name Áyodha Dhaumya, who had three disciples – Áruni from the country of Panchala, Upamanyu and Veda. One day, Dhaumya ordered Áruni to stop a breach in the waterway in acertain field, and the disciple obliged. But Áruni did not return for a while. The teacher, wondering about […]