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Amsa Avatar in Mahabharata

June 29, 2010


In the Amsavatarana Parva of Mahabharata, the various partial (amsa) incarnations of deities and asuras are detailed. Following is a snapsot of incarnations of some of the key characters in the Bharata. Partial Incarnation of ASURAS Jarāsandha Viprachitti, a Danava Shishupāla Hiranyakasipu Shalya Sahrādha, younger brother of Prahlada Dhrishtaketu Anuhrādha, younger brother of Prahlada Druma […]

How Asuras & Devas came to be born on earth

June 4, 2010


All was well in the Krta Yuga – people were virtuous, Kings just, and traders honest. Animals were well taken care of. Around this time, the Asuras, having been repeatedly defeated by the descendants of Aditi (Devas), with a desire to attain divinity began to be born in earth among men and animals. The Asuras, […]