Profile: Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas

Posted on August 4, 2010


Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas were princes and brothers from the royal clan clan of Panchalas (5.57, 5.199, 7.127). Both of them were designated as bodyguards to Arjuna in the Kurukshetra war.

  • Uttamaujas was matched against Jayadhradha by Drishtadhyumna during pre-war arrangements (Mbh 5.165)
  • Often Yudhamanyu was stationed to protect the left wheel of Arjuna’s chariot, while Uttamaujas was positioned to protect the right wheel. Both these warriors are often referred to as the protectors of the wheels of Arjuna’s chariot (Mbh 6.15, 6.19, 6.99, 7.88, 7.127, 7.144, 8.11). Later in the war, this arrangement was modified (Mbh 8.63, 8.67) where Arjuna was flanked by Satyaki and Drishtadhyumna on either sides, with Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas stationed at his rear.
  • Once the pair of Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas fought together against Duryodhana, as they were on their way meet with and offer protection to Arjuna; Duryodhana slew the charioteers and steeds of Uttamaujas upon which the latter got on to the chariot of his brother Yudhamanyu (Mbh 7.127)
  • Both of them accompanied Pandavas when the latter went in search of Duryodhana who was hiding in the waters of lake Dvaipayana (Mbh 9.28)
  • Both were slaughtered by Ashwattama while sleeping in Pandava’s camp on the eighteenth night since the start of the war. Uttamaujas was killed first, followed by Yudhamanyu (Mbh 10.8)
  • Their cremation, along with the cremation of many other warriors from the side of Pandavas and Kauravas, was arranged by Yudhishtira (Mbh 11.26)


  • Yudhamanyu
    • fought with Duryodhana, Drona, Kritavarman, Karna, Kripa
    • fought with and killed Chitrasena (Karna’s brother)
  • Uttamaujas
    • fought with Drona, Angada (a warrior not mentioned elsewhere in Bharata), Kritavarman, Duryodhana,Karna, Kripa
    • fought with and killed Sushena (Karna’s son)