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Ashwathama’s desire for Krishna’s discus

August 29, 2010


Ashwathama once tried to obtain Krishna's discus in exchange for the knowledge of the Brahmastra weapon...

The history of Kurukshetra

August 19, 2010


The land of Kurukshetra was in the ancient times called Samanthapanchaka (five lakes of blood). It later came to be known as Kurukshetra as Kuru performed asceticism in that place...

The story of the Camel and the Jackal

August 15, 2010


In the Satya Yuga, there lived a camel who had recollection of all the acts of his former life. The camel engaged in austere penances in the forest. Brahma, gratified by the penances, expressed His desire to grant the camel a boon...


August 9, 2010


An 'Akshauhini' is a combination of certain count of of elephants, chariots, horses and foot-soldiers. The count is arrived as follows...

Profile: Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas

August 4, 2010


Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas were princes and brothers from the royal clan clan of Panchalas. Both of them were designated bodyguards to Arjuna in the Kurukshetra war...