How Asuras & Devas came to be born on earth

Posted on June 4, 2010


All was well in the Krta Yuga – people were virtuous, Kings just, and traders honest. Animals were well taken care of.

Around this time, the Asuras, having been repeatedly defeated by the descendants of Aditi (Devas), with a desire to attain divinity began to be born in earth among men and animals. The Asuras, intoxicated with power and pride, troubled all people, sages and other creatures.  The Earth was unable to defend this onslaught; and neither did Sesha , the Tortoise nor the Elephant (the last three supporting the earth in some capacity). The Earth then approached Brahma and pleaded for a reprieve. Brahma replied, “O Earth, I am appointing the Devas to accomplish that which will liberate you from this situation”. Saying this, he bode her farewell.

In this illustration, Shiva, Brahma, Indra and Prithvi (in the form of a cow) pray to Narayana (Artist: Kailash Raj)

Brahma then summoned the Devas and addressed them thus, “O Devas, to relieve the Earth of this burden, may you all be born on Earth to cultivate strife (with the Asuras)”. Brahma also conveyed the message to Apsaras and Gandharvas. The celestials, having taken the resolution to incarnate on earth then went to Vaikunta, the abode of Narayana. There Indra requested Lord Vishnu, saying, “O Lord, Please incarnate on the Earth to liberate her burden”. Narayana acceded to His request by saying,“I will”. Hearing this, Indra gave appropriate instructions to the Devas and returned to his abode.

Subsequently the Devas gradually began their incarnations on earth for the destruction of the Asuras and the welfare of the worlds.

Source: Mbh 1. 64 (Amsa-avatarana Parva)