Time: Part 2 – The Kalpa

Posted on April 20, 2010


  • One thousand Chatur Yugas constitute a daytime for Brahma, and this duration is also called a KALPA. (Mbh 12.302)

1 KALPA = 1 Daytime for Brahma = 1000 Chatur Yugas = 4,320,000,000 human years

  • When the Kalpa ends and Brahma’s night sets in, dissolution or pralaya happens. This dissolution spans the entire nighttime of Brahma (1 Kalpa).

A great conflagration (called Samvarta Agni, often attributed to Mahadeva) consumes the creation at the end the Yugas (i.e. end of 1000 cycles of Yugas). A heavy downpour of rain then extinguishes this fire, flooding the creation with water. Everything in the creation stands destroyed. Vishnu rests on Adisesha for the night. When the night is over, creation begins again. (Mbh 3.270)