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Sathyaki, also known as Yuyudhana, was the son of Satyaka and grandson of Sini. He

– was a partial incarnation of Maruts (Mbh 1.67)

– was present in the svyamvara of Draupadi (Mbh 1.187)

– participated in the grand festival of Vrishnis and Andakas in the Raivataka mountain. (Arjuna first saw Shubadhra in this festival) (Mbh 1.220)

– learnt the science of archery from Arjuna (Mbh 2.4, 5.53)

– was a Athiratha (Mbh 2.14)

– held the royal umbrella over Yudhishtira‘s head during the latter’s coronation (Mbh 2.52)

– informs Krishna about Pandavas’ fate at the game of dice when Krishna returns to Dwaraka (Mbh 3.13)

– defended Dwaraka when King of Salwa attacked the city (Mbh 3.18)

– attended Abhimanyu & Uttara’s wedding in Upaplavya nagar in Virata (Mbh 4. 72)

– joined the Pandavas’ side with an army numbering 1 akshauhini in size (Mbh 5.19)

– accompanied Krishna to Hastinapura for peace talks (Mbh 5.83, 5.94)

– read the minds of Duryodhana and his confidants when they planned to capture Krishna, the messenger, as a prisoner; he advised Kritavarma to rally the troops outside the court, and duly informed Krishna, Dhritarashtra and Vidura of the Kauravas’ plan (5.130)

– after reaching Kurukshetra, measured the ground along with Drishtadhyumna for encampment (Mbh 5.153)

– was among the group of Pandavas who were enraged after hearing the message from Uluka, the son of Sakuni, who  visited Pandavas as Duryodhana’s messenger (Mbh 5.163)

– was matched against Jayadhradha by Drishtadhyumna during pre-war arrangements (Mbh 5.165)

– was the leader of the division of chariots on the Pandavas’ side (Mbh 5. 171, 5.199)

– accompanied Yudhishtira when the latter visited Bhishma after the war (Mbh 12.52)

– accompanied Krishna and went to Dwaraka, where they participated in the festival of Raivataka (Mbh 14.59)

– performed the obsequial rites for Abhimanyu (Mbh 14.62)

– visited Hastinapura to participate in the Aswamedha yagna of Yudhishtira (Mbh 14.66)

– killed Kritavarma in the battle at Prabhasa (Mbh 16.3). Sathyaki also met his end in the melee

– is often quoted in the Bharata as having long arms (Mbh 5.50, 5.58, 7.107, 7.171)


– fought against Kritavarma, Bhishma, Sakuni, Bhurisravas, Drona, Alambusa, Aswattama, Duryodhana, Bhagadatta, Kshemamurti, Brhanta, Karna,  Dussasana, Vyagradatta, Jalasandha, Sudarshana, Somadatta, Bhuri, Vrushasena (son of Karna), Vinda & Anuvinda (Kekaya princes), King of Vanga (unnamed), Prasena (son of Karna), Shalya, Salwa (King of Mlecchas)

– killed Vyagradatta, Jalasandha, Sudarshana, Alambusa, Bhurisravas, Somadatta, Bhuri, Vinda, Anuvinda, King of Vanga, Prasena (son of Karna), Salwa, Kshemamurti,

– defeated (at least on one occasion) Alambusa, Duryodhana, Dussasana, Karna, Vrushasena, Aswattama (rendering him unconscious), Sakuni

– fiercely fought with Drona multiple times; during one encounter, he cut Drona’s bows sixty-three consecutive times – this great encounter was watched by celestials including Brahma; on another occasion, when Satyaki’s charioteer became unconscious, he performed the supernatural feat of fighting with Drona while controlling the reins of his chariot

– killed in hundreds and thousands, the warriors of Yavanas, Mlechchas, Kambojas, Sakas, Barbaras  (Mbh 7.116) such that in the words of Sanjaya, ‘not even one arrow was wasted in effect’, and that ‘the sea of  Duryodhana’s army stood still when it came into contact with the land called Satyaki’, that ‘the hordes of steeds and scores of elephants afflicted by Satyaki on all sides wandered hither and thither as if afflicted by the chilling blasts of winter’ (Mbh 7.117); Dritarashtra lamented that destiny was unfavourable to his sons as his whole army could not match one warrior (Mbh 7.118)

– was restrained by Bhima and Sahadeva when he tried to kill Drishtadhyumna with his club (Mbh 7.196); this happened when Sathyaki and Drishtadhyumna exchanged harsh words about the killing of Drona and Bhurisravas

– captured Sanajaya alive and was about to kill him when Vyasa intervened and asked that Sanjaya be set free (Mbh 9.27);

– lost his 10 sons to Bhurisravas (Mbh 6.74)


Aanartta, Saineya, Saineyanandana, Sauri, Siniputra, Sinipautra, Sininapta, Sinipravara, Daashaarha, Madhava, Madhavagrya, Madhavasimha, Madhudvaha, Saatvata, Saatvataatgrya, Satyaka, Varshneya, Vrishni, Vrishnisaardula, Vrishnikulodhbhava, Vrishnyandhakapravira, Yadava, Yadudvaha, Yaduttama and Yuyudhana

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