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Kritavarma in Wayang-style puppetry, Indonesia

Kritavarma, the son of Hridika, was from the clan of Yadavas. He

– was a partial incarnation of the Maruts (Mbh 1.67)

– was present in the svyamvara of Draupadi (Mbh 1.187)

– visited Indraprastha with nuptial presents for Arjuna & Shubhadra (Mbh 1. 222)

– was a member in the court of Yudhishtira in Indraprastha (Mbh 2.4)

– was a Maharatha (Mbh 2.14); he is also classified as an Athiratha (Mbh 5.166)

– defended Dwaraka when King of Salwa attacked the city (Mbh 3.18, 3.20)

– attended Abhimanyu & Uttara‘s wedding in Upaplavya nagar in Virata (Mbh 4. 72)

– accompanied Krishna to Hastinapura for peace talks (Mbh 5.94)

– joined the side of Duryodhana and led Krishna’s Narayani sena  numbering 1 akshauhini in the Kurukshetra war

– assisted Aswattama in the massacre of the Pandava camp; waited at the gate along with Kripa and slaughtered those that tried to escape (Mbh 10.8)

– attended Yudhishtira‘s Aswamedha Yaga (Mbh 15.66)

– was slain by Sathyaki in the battle at Prabhasa (Mbh 16.3)

– joined the Maruts after his death (Mbh 18.5)


– fought with the following prominent warrriors: Satyaki, Abhimanyu, Bhimasena, Drishtadhyumna, Arjuna, Yudhamanyu, Uttamaujas, Shikandi and Yudhishtira

– defated, at least on one occasion, Bhima, Shikhandi and Yudhishtira

– headed the Krauncharunavyuha set up by Bhishma


Aanartavaasi, Bhoja, Bhojaraja, Hardikya, Hridikaatmaja, Madhava, Satvata, Varshneya, Vrishnisimha

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