The end of Vrishnis

Posted on April 3, 2010


Curse 1: Gandhari, aggravated by the fact that Krishna did nothing to stem the carnage and the demise of her sons and relatives, cursed Him that His kinsmen, friends and sons will perish thirty-six years after the war. (Mbh 11.25)

Curse 2: In the period following the war, Vrishnis became corrupt with power. They had begun to disregard brahmanas, pitris and deities. One day when Vishwamitra, Kanwa and Narada visited Dwaraka, the Vrishnis dressed up Krishna’s son Samba as a lady, and asked the rishis what the lady would bear (boy or girl)? The ascetics, discerning this attempted ploy, cursed that Samba would bring forth an iron bolt that will destroy the race of Vrishnis and Andhakas. The very next day Samba brought forth an iron bolt. Under the orders of Dwaraka’s King Ugrasena, the iron bolt was reduced into powder and cast into the sea.

Realizing that no one can wreak destruction upon Vrishnis and Andakas except themselves, and such self-destruction could be inflcted only by liquor, the citizens of Dwaraka were ordered to cease manufacturing and consuming spirits. (Mbh 16.1)


Dwaraka (circa 14th century)

* * *

Thirty-six years passed after the war, when ill omens began to appear. Krishna, realizing that their time had come, decided to make Gandhari’s words come true. He led Vrishnis to take a bath in the sacred ocean to ward off the evil omens.

Their destination called Prabhasa being away from their city, the Vrishnis began to indulge in wine. Soon an inebriated Sathyaki accused Kritavarma of cowardice for slaying the Pandava army in their sleep. Kritavarma retorted that Sathyaki chose to kill Bhurisravas when he was unarmed and had no intention to fight.

The rest of them started taking sides, and the war of words escalated into a fist fight. They began striking each other with pots and pans. Soon they realized that the Erka grass that had grown on the ground on the shores had the power of an iron bolt when thrown. The grass had grown from the iron powder that was washed ashore. In the melee, everyone lost their lives, with the exception of Krishna and Balarama. Casualties included Krishna & Rukmini‘s son Pradyumna, and their grandson Aniruddha.

Soon, Balarama set himself in Yoga and a white snake (a reference to Adhisesha) came off of his mouth and made its way to the ocean. Krishna retreated to the woods and engaged in Yoga, and set his mind upon leaving the body. A hunter, mistaking him for a deer, piereced His heel. Krishna left the body and went to His world.

Soon Arjuna visited Dwaraka and took with him under custody the remnants of the city, predominantly women and children. Immediately upon their departure, the ocean reclaimed the city of Dwaraka.

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